Truck Vibrators

Truck Vibrators

Truck Vibrators

The NAVCO® Truck Vibrator aids in the efficient unloading of dry bulk material in the trucking industry. The Truck Vibrator can be attached to a dump truck’s bed or on hopper trailers to increase material flow when unloading. It is connected to existing air lines for operation. The BH Model Vibrator can be welded to a dump truck bed / body or hopper bottom trailer to increase material flow when unloading or increase load size when loading. Portable mounting can also be used so the Vibrator can be moved to various troublesome locations or even different trucks. It is most often attached to existing air lines for operation. NAVCO Truck Vibrators are also ideal for use on mobile concrete mixers, volumetric trucks, and gunite trucks. Our Vibrators promote continuous and reliable flow in a wide range of trucking applications.
NAVCO® Products Air Vibrators for truck lift stations, dump truck Vibrators beds and hopper trailers are available from KJN for assisting with discharge of truck Vibrators beds.


Faster unloading - Depending on the material, dump time can be reduced by up to 50%! Especially for sticky or wet materials.

More complete removal - Stubborn material that sometimes remains in the hopper or bed is more easily and completely removed, eliminating "dead" cargo.

Extended machinery life - Complete unloading without tailgate banging, lift bouncing, braking, or jerking means longer life for the truck and equipment.

Increased safety - More efficient discharge at reduced dump angles and minimized top sticking means reduced tip over potential. Poking, stabbing, and prying are also eliminated.

Ease in spreading - Continuous flow at the tailgate means an even spread during mobile unloading.


Dump Truck Body:
1. Vibrators should be mounted approximately ¼ down the length of the bed, toward the front.
2. One unit on each side of the mast is most effective.
Note: Assure clearances of Vibrators when bed is lowered.

Hopper Bottom Truck Vibrators:

1. Vibrators should be mounted as close to the hopper discharge opening as possible. One Vibrator per hopper is sufficient in most cases.
2. A NAVCO mounting plate should be attached to the hopper. Portable mounts are available for hopper bottom trucks.
3. Bolt the Vibrator to the mounting plate.

Note: If the Vibrators will be operated while the truck is in motion, an alternate air reservoir is required to assure adequate air for the brakes.

Truck Vibrators

Bin Mapping

The exclusive NAVCO® Products Bin Mapping methodology involves a detailed evaluation of your storage vessel and its intended bulk material by NAVCO® Products Bulk Flow Engineers. Recommendations are made based on a variety of factors including bulk density, particle size, moisture content, temperature, vessel size and shape as well as material of construction. This unique scientific approach, called the Bin Map Solution, is not available any where else. It was developed by NAVCO® Products and provides a reliable solution that virtually guarantees positive material flow.