Static Bars - Model RN

The Model RN Static bars

The HAUG RN ionizing bars is a powerful and rugged piece of equipment. Its construction satisfies all technical requirements and it has proven its value repeatedly in the removal of electrostatic charges during roll, sheet and web (continuous product) processing. Production interfering surface charges can be removed reliably and effectively - even at high operating speeds.

The coaxial high-voltage plug-and-socket connection of the HAUG system X-2000 offers a unique advantage in that the gastight high-voltage plug can be connected to the HAUG power pack easily and without tools. The flexible, coaxially shielded cable connects the ionizing unit with the voltage supply.

The round construction of the RN ionizing bars permits the exact axial adjustment in the direction of travel of the material. The ionizing bars is safe to touch. Special wear-resistant electrodes guarantee long service life.

Further bars variations are available:
These static bars can also be provided with high-voltage connection at the end of the bars for series connection of ionizing units (daisy-chain units end to end) or without HV-cable, suitable for connection of a flexible, separate high-voltage cable with elbows or tees - a variety of systems to "minimize" the need for excessive cable and extra power supplies, a significant advantage over competitive systems such as in "halo" blow-offs for paint lines where several static bars with air blades can be connected end to end.

HAUG ionizing bars are used with machines in the packaging, film, printing and textile industries, as well as many other industrial applications. It is recommended that two ionizing bars be installed above and below the material web.

The RN ionizing bars is suitable for feed speeds = 100 m/min.



  • Plastic processing industry : Film processing, packaging machines, film extruders, etc.
  • Textile industry : Weaving and spinning mills, textile finishing plants, etc.
  • Graphic industry : Screen and pad printing machines, photographic and film processing machines, folding machines, etc.
  • Paint Shops : Car painting, painting of plastic components, etc.

Other Information

When the application calls for a hand held static elimination device the ideal product is an Ionizing Air Gun. Important features should be ergonometric design, weight and flexibility. Cable should be fully shielded especially with anti-static guns to have adequate life expectency.

The Haug Ion Gun is ergonometrically designed, "repairable", and extremely powerful for applications where a flexible hand-held unit is required. Cable is lightweight, and fully shielded. This unique design consists of specific parts so that they can actually be repaired by replacing the damaged part, either by returning to Nex Flow or ordering the part and repairing it in the field. Due to the often rough handling ion guns receive in an industrial environment, the Haug Ion Gun is an ideal choice against inferior and low quality, unrepairable products. The Ion Gun comes with fully shielded and flexible cable and the patented safety connector insuring the ultimate in safety and quality in the field.

Haug static bars all come with a patented connector to assure safety in operation and maintenance. Field repairable, it prevents a connection if the static bar is removed or attached while power is still on at the power supply.

Cable is FULLY SHIELDED unlike some manufacturers which claim shielding which may only be partial. This results in a much longer life for Haug products.

REPAIRABLE POWER SUPPLIES - almost unheard of in the industry, Haug power supplies are repairable and come with a 2 year warranty.