Quick Exhaust Valve » Technical Details


Quick Exhaust valve is used to allow direct exhaust by unrestricted flow to atmosphere from a pressurized system. They are used for increasing piston speed of pneumatic cylinders upto 3 times by allowing quick exhaust of the back pressure on the piston when mounted directly on the exhaust port. Another example of their use is for rapid closure of the pneumatic brake of a power press.

Construction of Flow Control Valves:

The valve consist of a cup seal precision guided in the body. When the pressure is reduced on the supply side (through the directional control valve in the system) the cup seal opens for direct exhaust to atmosphere. The cup seal provides for long life even at high frequency operations, e.g. on high speed power presses. The exhaust side of the quick exhaust valves of sizes ¼" BSP and above are furnished with standard ports with female thread. The exhaust port can be fitted with an exhaust silencer if required to reduce the discharge noise.

Material of Construction of Flow Control Valves

Body : Hardened Aluminum alloy.

Cup, Seal & O-Rings : Synthetic Oil-Resistant Rubber.

Operating Condition

Fluids :Air, & Inert gases

Fluid Pressure : Air 10 Kg/cm2 MAX.



a) Other sizes available on request.

b) Dimensions are subject to change. Please confirm while ordering.

c) All Dimensions are in mm.

¼" BSP 50 50 50
½" BSP 75 40 75
¾" BSP 100 90 45
1" BSP 100 90 45