Special Pneumatic Accessories

Compressed Air Filter / Moisture Seperator

Newly developed "Liquid Super Separator" is a new concept of a pneumatic mist remover without filter element. The "Element Free Pneumatic Water Separator" uses a special centrifugal technique with "radial multi-nozzles" that is world patent pending and makes it possible to reject liquid mist (water and oil) to 99.9%!

Rigid Flex Hose

The unique Nex Flow™ Rigid Flex Hose is an all Stainless Steel steel hose that does not break after a few bends like competitive rubber hoses with simple copper inserts. It is resistant to creep and crimping. The Nex Flow™ Rigid Flex Hose is used to flex, direct and then hold in place air nozzles, air jets and other small blow off products. May also be used for liquid spray jets.

Magnetic Base

The Nex Flow™ Magnetic Base is used where the air operated products is required to be frequently moved. The extra strong magnet allows for flexible mounting, whether vertical or horizontal. Optional mini shut-off valve can be supplied.


Easy to assemble and mount for use with Nex Flow™ blow-off nozzles, jets and Air Edger™ flat jets for blow of various lengths.
Nex Flow™ Manifolds are a convenient way to mount rows of multiple nozzles, air jets and other small blow off products to dry, clean or cool wider surfaces. Come complete with mounting holes.

Mounting Systems

Nex Flow™ Mounting Systems for air knives and air amplifiers provide a convenient and flexible way to utilize the products for blow-off and cooling applications.