Pneumatic Vibrators

KJN Enterprises is your one stop shop for Pneumatic Vibrators of all types and many other Pneumatic solutions. When it comes to industrial vibrators... we don't 'just sell vibrators' we provide solutions. We have Vibrators that can be used on hoppers with capacities as large as 1800 tons to tiny vessels as small as 100gms. We also offer Truck Vibrators, Rail car unloading solutions, vibrators for sieving applications, powder/bulk material compacting solutions (effective for bagging), etc. We have tied up with National Air Vibrator Company (NAVCO®) based in Houston, usA which is a leading manufacturer of Pneumatic Piston Vibrators, Hopper Vibrators, Piston Vibrators, Truck Vibrators and many other Industrial Vibratory solutions. NAVCO specializes in applied vibration and vibratory equipment designed to assist in the handling, processing and packaging of dry bulk solid material. We offer three types of Pneumatic Vibrators: