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Pneumatic Rotary Valves are a type of directional control valves which are used for control of pneumatic cylinders or as part of large pneumatic circuit, They are largely used for panel mounting applications.

Construction of Flow Control Valves:

Pneumatic Rotary Valves are very rugged in construction. They consist of a body, cap and large bore poppets through which the air passes. The valve is operated using a knob provided on the top with an operating lever provided optionally for ease of operation. The valve is also provided with an optional MS powder coated plate for mounting of the valve on to a panel.

Material of Construction of Flow Control Valves

Body : Aluminum alloy

Cap : Aluminum alloy

Poppet : Brass with nitrile seals pre—molded.

Operating Condition

Operating Fluids : Compressed Air or Inert Gases.

Operating Fluid Pressure: Air 10 Bars (150 PSI)

Fluid Temperature : Ranging from 200c to 700c


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c) All Dimensions are in mm.

1/8" BSP      
1/4" BSP 2" 80 3"
1/2" BSP 3" 97 4"
3/4" BSP      
1" BSP