Air Optimization Products

Nex FlowTM Efficient use of Compressed Air - It has to be understood that compressed air is a high cost energy source. So there has to be a reason to use compressed air alternative products. ANY amplification technology, when used properly can get you excellent efficiencies. Because our compressed air products are generally light weight, can be turned on and off rapidly (so only used when necessary), and are low or no maintenance, their efficient use overall contributes well to the overall productivity of a production facility.

Adjustable Air Amplifiers

Ultrasonic Leak Detector

A Quality Ultrasonic Leak Detector This device can be used to locate costly leaks in your compressed air system. Eliminating compressed air leaks can recover a tremendous amount of energy that would have been otherwise lost. Air savings means free energy.

PLC Flow Control

A Decent Flow Control System All Nex Flow™ products are designed to improve plant efficiency by either reducing the compressed air used while in use, or in a way to reduce maintenance, or in another to improve productivity. The nice thing about compressed air is that this energy comes from "storage" and can be called upon only when required. The Nex Flow™ PLC Flow Control System (PLCFC) provides on demand control, it minimizes the use of compressed air on any blow-off, cooling, conveying, drying or static control system utilizing a photo electric sensor to turn the air on and off as required.

Sound Level Meter

X-Stream™ Sound Level Meter is used to measure and monitor the sound level in all types of industrial environments. used for compressed air exhaust noise measurement it can identify areas where costly and inefficient blow off can be replaced by energy efficient Nex Flow™ blow off products. In many instances, noise may be reduced by amplification products as much as 10 dbA, to protect workers from excessive and damaging noise levels and reduce energy use.

Air Flow Meter

The X-Stream™ Air Flow Meter represents a radical departure from conventional air flow meter designs, providing easy installation, low cost and accurate of the probes in the air stream.