Non Return Valve » Technical Details


Non-Return Valves are used where flow in one direction only is required, and flow in the opposite direction must be blocked. An example of their use is as a safety device to prevent loss of pressure in the event of air supply failure.


Non Return Valve has a spring loaded poppet which allows flow in one direction. The valve opens in the direction of flow when the pressure in the line exceeds the force of the spring . In the opposite direction there is no air flow as the poppet blocks the air passage.
Material Of Construction:
Body and Poppet: Hardened Aluminum
O-ring: Synthetic oil-resistant Rubber.
Spring: Stainless Steel

Operating Condition

Fluids : Air, Oil and Inert gases.
Fluid Pressure : 0.5 Kg/cm2 to 25 Kg/cm2 max.


a) Other sizes available on request.
b) Dimensions are subject to change. Please confirm while ordering.
c) All Dimensions are in mm.

1/4" BSP 52 22
1/2" BSP 69 31