Mini Spot Cooler

Mini Spot Cooler - Frigid-X™ Mini Spot Cooler is a low cost and maintenance free system which utilizes a vortex tube to produce cold air at one end. It is quiet and compact.

Mini Spot Cooler - Frigid-X™ Mini Spot Cooler is designed for small parts and produces a stream of 15° F to 20° F (-9.5° C to -7° C) of cold air to prevent heat buildup depending on inlet air temperature. It can improve tolerances in maching of small critical parts and increase production rates.

Cold air is directed using the flexible tubing. A magnetic base is standard for portability and easy mounting of the Frigid-X™ Mini Spot Cooler.

Mini Spot Cooler - Frigid-X™ Features:

  • Needle cooling on sewing machines
  • Cooling small blades
  • Grinding lenses and small parts
  • Cooling small tools
  • No moving parts or electricity
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Low cost
  • Maintenance free
  • Instant cold air
  • Quiet
  • Magnetic base
  • Interchangeable generators

Mini Spot Cooler :
The Nex Flow™ Frigid-X Mini Cooler is ideal for smaller spot cooling solution applications.


How Mini Spot Cooler Work

Frigid-X™ - Mini Spot Cooler - Compressed air enters at point (A) into the vortex tube component of the mini spot cooler. The vortex tube splits the compressed air into a cold (B) and hot (C) stream of air. The hot air from the vortex tube is vented to the atmosphere at point (D). Cold air enters into the optional muffler (E) and then distributed through the hose distribution kit (F) and onto the item being cooled. A strong magnet (G) holds the mini spot cooler in place.


  • Solder Cooling
  • Adjusting thermostats
  • Cool plastic machined parts
  • Set hot melt adhesives
  • Cool welding horns on ultrasonics
  • Cool molded plastics
  • Cool Electronic components
  • Cool heat shrink tubing

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