Ionizing Nozzles

The HAUG ring ionizer – ionizing nozzle is a highly effective production aid for the discharging and cleaning of surfaces – in particular of non-conductive materials. Beside the hand-held unit, other versions are available for installation into plants and machinery (without Air Gun).

Voltage Supply
These units are simply connected to a HAUG high-voltage power pack. Power packs are available for a variety of mains voltages and can be specified to have two or four high-voltage connections.

The HAUG Multistat power pack is particularly recommended for this application. This fully electronic unit includes an integrated electronic fault and performance monitor ensuring a high and consistent standard of quality

Ring Ionizer RI 20 / RI 20P (with Air Gun)
This “mini” version is particularly suited for the discharge of very small areas and components in confined workspaces. It is light, flexible and easy to handle, and its robust design makes this unit the ionizer of choice for many discharge processes.

Ring Ionizer RI 32 / RI 32P (with Air Gun)
This ring ionizer is light, but robust and easy to handle. Its ergonomic design ensures that this unit is easy to use

Ring Ionizer RI 65 / RI 65P (with Air Gun)
There is a direct correlation between dust and electrostatic charges. Plastic moldings, films and foils, optical and electronic components, plastic sheets, etc. often show surface charges which cannot be eliminated electrically due to highly insulating material properties. The resulting electrostatic charges on the surface attract dirt and particles suspended in the environment. This leads to a reduction of the surface cleanliness and hampers further processing.

Cleaning and Maintenance
Regular cleaning insures consistently high effectiveness

Service Unit
The use of a filter and regulator is recommended to remove any oil and water, and to allow the operating pressure to be regulated

Technical Information


Air Consumption

Air consumption in Nl/min at 1 to 6 bar