Flow Control Valves » Technical Details

Application of Flow Control Valves:

Flow Control Valves are used in pneumatic circuit to control the flow rate of air in the circuit. The most common application of these valves is in the regulation of piston speeds of a power cylinder. They are installed directly on the ports of the cylinder in such a manner that the discharge from the cylinder is restricted whereas the inlet fluid coming from the valve to the cylinder has free flow. Thus these valves are installed on the port opposite to which pressurised air is being fed to move the piston. Speed regulation of both strokes in a double acting cylinder is achieved by use of two separate flow control valves on each port of the cylinder.

Construction of Flow Control Valves:

Flow Control Valves consists of a body and an adjusting knob fitted into the body. It has a built-in non-return valve that allows full flow of air in one direction. The flow in opposite direction is regulated by a metering screw. The adjusting knob of the valves is designed such that it can be adjusted by fingers or by the means of an adjustable wrench. The flow control valves is provided with two plain holes for mounting (see drawing for dimensions). Custom-built flow control valves can also be manufactured for remote control operation. The flow in these valves is controlled by a pilot pressure signal.

Material of Construction of Flow Control Valves

Body : Aluminum alloy, Nickel Chrome plated or stove enameling paint

Adjusting knob : Brass (Nickel Chrome plated)

Seals & O-rings : Nitrile rubber

Operating Condition

Fluids : Air, Oil and Inert gases.

Fluid Pressure : Air 10 Kg/cm2 (150 PSI) Oil 35 Kg/ cm2 (500 PSI)

Temperature: Fluid temperature ranging from 20° c to 70° c

Opening Pressure: 0.2 Kg/cm2 (3 PSI) for in-built non-return valve.
Pilot Pressure: 10 Kg/cm2 (14-150 PSI) For pilot operated flow control valves.



a) Other sizes available on request.

b) Dimensions are subject to change. Please confirm while ordering.

c) All Dimensions are in mm.

1/8" BSP 40 6 25 14 20 8 - -
1/4" BSP 60 14 50 19 35 10 5 5
1/2" BSP 65 14 50 32 35 15 5 5
3/4" BSP 85 20 75 40 40 20 - -
1" BSP 100 25 90 50 60 35 - -