Frigid-X™ By-Pass System for Panel

In very dirty environments, it can be advantageous to have a small amount of compressed air entering the control panel when the panel cooler is not operating (turned off utilizing a solenoid and thermostat package to conserve energy).  This is a “constant purge” system that will keep the control panel at a  slightly positive pressure all the time to prevent dirty environmental air from entering, thereby keeping the control panel clean. This reduces cleaning maintenance and can extend the life of the controls.One way to do this is to drill a small hole in the solenoid valve but that would be illegal in many jurisdictions or at least against many corporate policies since that would compromise the tested electrical approval integrity of the solenoid.  In addition, larger control panels many need to be “purged” with more air flow while small panels only require a negligible amount. The FRIGID-X™ PANEL COOLER BY-PASS SYSTEM accomplishes both tasks.  It is easily installed across the solenoid valve to allow for the bypass of some air flow.  A control valve on the bypass sets the level of flow desired for the particular control panel where it is utilized.   So both a constant purge is maintained and the level of purging air can be set to an optimum level depending on the size of the control panel.Simple, easy and reliable.


Part # Description


Bypass system consists of 316L Stainless steel tee and 316L Stainless steel combination tee and flow control valve connected together with a stainless bypass stainless hose.


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