Air Jets

Air Jets are larger than nozzles and used when a wider area needs to be hit with the amplified air. They are significantly more efficient than nozzles although often use as much compressed air. Their best use is to replace pairs of nozzles that are used for part ejection or for blow-off applications that require greater force than that provided by air knives or air movers. Nozzles are for point use while air jets can fan out somewhat for better continuous blow-off when a row of them are made. Nex Flow™ air jets are all made adjustable with a lock ring to assure the security of any gap setting. They have a female 1/8" NPT and made lightweight with anodized aluminum.

Air Jet Selection Guide:
If you need an air jet selection guide, simply contact one of our technical support personnel at Nex Flow or at our regional sales and engineering offices worldwide.

High Velocity Air Jet and Adjustable Air Jet:
The Nex Flow High Force Air Jet is also a High Velocity Air Jet. All the air jets are adjustable. With an Adjustable Air Jet the flow and force can be set and “locked” in place with the lock ring for your particular application.

From Left to right is the High Flow Air Jet (Model 45001) the High Force Air Jet (Model 45002) and the Mini Air Jet (Model 45003)
Model 45001 / 45002 - High Flow Air Jet and High Force Air Jet are physically the same size. The only difference is a larger exit opening in the High Flow version for the amplified air flow. The high flow system is used more for cooling and light blow-off while the high force version is used mainly for heavier blow-off applications. .
Model 45002B - High Force Air Jet in brass. The gap can be set and locked into place. The gap setting value is marked on the air jet body for accurate setting. Ideal for heavy blow-off applications.
Model 45002S - High Force Air Jet in 316L Stainless Steel Steel.  The gap can be set and locked into place.  The gap setting value is marked on the air jet body for accurate setting.   Ideal for high temperature and for food service heavy blow-off applications.
Model 45003 - Mini Air Jet is the most compact air jet with high force, is adjustable and ideal for tight spaces. This is unique to Nex Flow™ and there is no equivalent competitive system.
Model 45004 – Fat Air Jet Air Amplifier is  the largest flat jet/smallest air amplifier with the same design as the high performance air jets to give you the most optimal performance with an adjustable gap and lock ring to set the gap in place.
Accessories for Air Jets
Nex Flow™ Rigid Flex Hose is an all Stainless Steel hose that does not break after a few bends like competitive rubber hoses with simple copper inserts. It is resistant to creep and crimping.
High quality Stainless Steel swivel fittings for air nozzles, air jets, small air knives, and air amplifiers allow for a 25 degree movement from the center axis (50 degree total movement) to aim then secure in position the blow-off application.
Nex Flow™ Manifolds are a convenient way to mount rows of multiple nozzles, air jets and other small blow off products to dry, clean or cool wider surfaces. Come complete with mounting hol


Air Consuption @ 80 psig at .008” gap exc
Force in ounces at 6” from target
Force in grams at 6” from target
45001 - High Flow Air Jet at .008” gap setting 14.7 9.0 255
45002 - High Force Air Jet at .008” gap setting 18.7 13.5 383
45002B -High Force Air Jet
(Brass with gap marked) at .008” gap setting
18.7 13.5 383
45002S –High Force air jet (316L Stainless Steelwith gap marked) 18.7




45003 -Mini Air Jet at .008” gap setting 12.8 6.7 190
45004 - Fat Air at .004” gap setting 12.3 11.8 335

How Air Jets Work