NEX FLOW™ Products

Air Knife
Air Wipes
Air Amplifiers
Air Nozzles, Air Jets &
Flat Jets
Air Conveyors
Machine Tool Coolers
Mist Tool Coolers
Static Eliminators
Industrial Housekeeping
Special Pneumatic
Vortex Tube
Panel Cooler
Air Optimization
Air BlowOff Guns

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Air Mag™ Air Nozzle

KJN Products

Pneumatic Presses
Special Purpose
Pneumatic Cylinders
Air Blowguns
Pneumatic Accessories
Control Valves
Turbine Vibrators

NAVCO Products

Piston Vibrators
Portable Vibrators
Foundry Vibrators
Vibrating Tables
Truck Vibrators
Pipe Mount Vibrators
Ball Vibrators
Rail Car Vibrators


Air Products based in Toronto, Canada
Pneumatic Blow-off, Cooling, Conveying and other products Manufactured under license from NEX FLOW™ Air Products, Canada.


National Air Vibrations Company based in Houston, USA
Pneumatic Vibrating Equipment for Material Flow and Processing from NAVCO.

KJN Enterprises

One stop shop for Pneumatic solutions.
To provide low cost and high quality automation solutions using Pneumatics.

Markets Served

Our client base consists of the full spectrum of industry - be it large scale multinational companies to small and micro firms. We also cover almost all industry categories ranging from Heavy Engineering (Steel, Refractories, Fertilizers, etc.) to Plastics, to Food and Pharma.

We are very well known in the Defense establishment, particularly the Ordnance factories for the large number of quality Pneumatic Press, Special Purpose Machines (SPM's), Tooling, Pneumatic Vices, Pneumatic Cylinders and Valves supplied to them.